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Hi, I'm Vero


Art History and cultural mediation at Paris Sorbonne / Edimburgh University and CNAM


Louis Vuitton



Le Repaire

La Bricothèque



I am a visual designer with a 13+ years experience and a passion for beautifully crafted visual universe. 

This passion goes all the way back to my childhood and my love for the illustrations found in antique books. I then decided to study the history of art in order to get a better understanding of images, before I decided to make and work on images myself.

I'm passionate about helping brands and companies create a visual universe that is tailored to their needs. 

After graduating, I went from being a magazine iconographer to a junior and then senior graphic designer. This included coloring comics, working on a rotoscoping film, and various other experiences that made me work with the many facets of an image.

After that, I worked as an art director in a digital agency. I worked with a number of major brands, creating beautiful, custom images.

I'm now a freelancer who is dedicated to creating a memorable experience for my clients, from concept to completion.

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